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DC has so much to offer. If you are into music, food, festivals, waterfronts, entertainment, tourism, relaxation, history, fitness or just about anything your heart desires; you will find it in Washington, DC!

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The possibilities are endless. With so much to see and do, it might be hard to plan out your day. Check out some of our suggestions that offer a great way to experience the activities, attractions and sights that best fit your interests in the Nation's Capital.

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Whether it be dining, dancing, performing arts, or a quiet evening on the waterfront, for those of you who seek nighttime diversion or pursue your entertainment after the sun goes down, DC stays alive at night!

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Do it simply for the stories to tell! Enjoying the outdoors is more popular than ever. If you are into walking, running, biking, hiking or simply people watching, DC and the surrounding area is full of unforgettable experiences. Create yours today!

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