National Cherry Blossom Festival

2024 Highlights

Opening Ceremony Ballet

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the National Cherry Blossom Festival was held on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at The Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. This event marked the beginning of the four-week-long celebration of Spring and the 112th anniversary of the gift of cherry blossom trees from Tokyo to Washington, DC. It also celebrated the friendship between Japan and the United States with unique performances.

DC Fashion Week

The Opening Ceremony was a vibrant showcase of music, dance, and cultural tribute, featuring performances by included Kaoru Watanabe's engaging music, Jo Kanamori's choreography with The Washington Ballet, and Naotaro Moriyama's performance. The event, co-presented with The Japan Foundation, showcased a blend of cultural expressions and was available for live-streaming, ensuring wide accessibility.

Peak Bloom

Cherry Blossom Mania: Embracing the Bloom in DC

Each spring, Washington DC transforms into a picturesque tableau, painting its landscapes with delicate shades of pink and white. This transformation is courtesy of the cherry blossom trees, a symbol of friendship between Japan and the United States, which reach their peak bloom and blanket the nation's capital in ethereal beauty. The anticipation and celebration of this natural spectacle create a mania unlike any other, drawing visitors from around the globe and uniting locals in a shared appreciation of nature's transient beauty.

The cherry blossoms' peak bloom period, which varies annually depending on weather conditions, is a much-anticipated event. Typically occurring between the last week of March and the first week of April, this period marks the brief window when over 70% of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin are in full bloom. The National Park Service closely monitors the buds' progress, providing eager onlookers with updates and predictions that fuel the bloom's excitement.


Cherry Blossom
Girl In Tree
Painting Cherry Blossoms
Blossoms at MLK

Girl Under Tree
Paddle Boats
Jefferson Memorial
View From East Potomac Park
Peak Bloom
Blooms On A Branch