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Passport DC's "Around the World Embassy Tour" held on May 4, 2024, was a remarkable event, continuing its tradition of celebrating Washington DC's rich tapestry of global cultures. Originally launched to foster diplomatic connections and cultural understanding, this annual event has become a significant highlight each May, drawing attention to the city's vibrant international diplomatic community.

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On this particular day, despite the cooler and occasionally rainy conditions that marked the weather in Washington DC, with temperatures hovering around 54°F (12°C), the enthusiasm and warm spirits of participants were undampened. The event featured over 55 embassies opening their doors to the public, offering an immersive experience of diverse cultures through food, art, dance, and music. The guests had the unique opportunity to engage directly with different national traditions and innovations, from petting alpacas to learning indigenous dances.

The "Around the World Embassy Tour" not only allows residents and visitors of DC to "travel" the globe in a single day but also underscores the importance of cultural exchange in building global relationships. The event, free to all, highlights the ongoing commitment of the diplomatic community to share their cultural heritage with the wider community, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world's diverse cultures.


50 Plus Participated

Embassy Art

More than 50 embassies, representing six continents, invited the public into their stately mansions and exclusive compounds to experience their respective country's food, art, dance and music.

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Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions are another cornerstone, with embassies displaying traditional and contemporary artworks that tell stories of their heritage and contemporary cultural dynamics. Some embassies also offer interactive sessions like language workshops, where participants can learn basic phrases or traditional calligraphy, enhancing their engagement with the culture.


What People Are Saying

“We loved the opportunity to connect with cultures and people worldwide and to see the wide variety of diplomatic posts and offices."

“Passport DC was an eye-opening experience! It was like traveling the world in just one day, with each embassy offering a unique window into its country's culture and traditions.”

“Attending Passport DC was absolutely enlightening; the richness of culture displayed by each embassy, from the art to the food, truly celebrated the diversity of our global community.”

“Love the ability to experience different cultures through the embassies. The exhibitions each put up were engaging, thoughtful and beautiful!”

“I was amazed by the vibrant atmosphere at Passport DC—the music, dance, and art at each embassy brought their countries to life right here in the heart of DC. It was an unforgettable journey of international discovery!”


Passport DC 2024
Passport DC 2024
Passport DC 2024
Passport DC 2024
Passport DC 2024
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Passport DC 2024
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Passport DC 2024
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